PVC Type I


Polyvinyl chloride is a self-extinguishing material with exceptional chemical resistance and also with lower stress cracking. PVC TYPE Ⅰ™ possesses high mechanical strength, tensile strength and a continuous operating temperature from +5 °F to +140 °F. lt can also be easily glued and welded.

Properties PVC Type ITM

product range

  • Self-extinguishing
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Good tensile strength
  • Easy to fabricate, glue, cement and bond
  • Good insulative properties
  • Low water absorption
  • Good impact strength
  • Limited weather resistance
  • Operating temperature range from +5 °F to +140 °F



  • Pumps and valve body
  • Gaskets
  • Machine parts
  • Bearings cages
  • Hand lamp pipes
  • Brush basic body
  • Parts in the dental medicine
  • Seat strips
  • Profiles for cabin and fair construction
  • GEHR PVC Type I + ⅡTM and GEHR CPVCTM round rods in gray are physiologically harmless and NSF listed to 14 & 61.
  • GEHR PVC Type ⅠTM round rods in any color up to and including 8″ diameter are listed to NSF 14, 51 & 61 which includes food handling Equipment and drinking water system components.
  • GEHR PVC Type IITM round rods in light gray color up to 6″ diameter are listed to NSF 51 & 61.
  • Our GEHR CPVCTM round rods in gray color up to 8″ diameter are listed to NSF 14 & 61 which included plastic piping components and related products.
Downloads PVC Type ITM

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