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Complete GEHR POM-C range with food approval

Certification now also available in black

We are pleased that all semi-finished products made from GEHR® POM-C in black are now compliant with the European food contact legislation in accordance with Directive EU/1245/2020.

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GEHR PA12 GF sheets for Hyperloop

Together with the Technical University of Munich and Evonik, we are ensuring that the Hyperloop project moves into the next phase.

As part of a research program to develop a high-speed transport for passengers, we produced GEHR PA12 GF sheets for a test route.

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Recognition of ECOVADIS

Sustainable business and corporate responsibility is one of our key goals. To ensure sustainability practices are integrated into our operations, transparency, employee engagement and an ethical code of conduct have been implemented within the company.

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Soluble support filaments available in the shop

With FIL-A-GEHR PA 12-CF15 we have a 15 percent carbon fiber reinforced filament that achieves very high mechanical strength with low water absorption.

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Calendered sheets with a thickness of 1 mm

We now have black GEHR POM calendered sheets in 1 mm thickness in stock. We have the sheets both wrapped and unwrapped in stock.

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increased production capacity

In order to meet the increased demand for GLIDE-GEHR PEEK-MOD, we have been able to increase production capacities.

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Addition of new impact-resistant and weather-resistant material

We have expanded our filament portfolio to include PETG.

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Sustainability – 411.000 trees

Continuous CO2 savings in the factory

Environmental protection and sustainability are very important to us, so we are pleased that we were able to neutralize 5,400 tons of CO2 in 2020 through various measures. This corresponds to a CO2 uptake of approx. 411,000 trees. After the conversion to green electricity and green gas, we achieved the implementation packages of the Paris Agreement in 2020 and have been able to produce climate-neutrally since then.

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New to our product range: High Impact-resistant sheets made of PLA

ECO-GEHR PLA-HI® sheets based on renewable raw materials consist of 90% PLA. They are produced – as all GEHR products – CO2 neutral according GHG Protocol Scope 1+2. The sheets stand out for their high impact strength and are therefore suitable for use in demanding applications.

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