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NEW: FIL-A-GEHR Online-Shop

As of now you can order our technical filaments online - visit:

As of now you can order our technical filaments online: In our German and English webshop you find all FIL-A-GEHR products from following materials: PEEK, PPSU, PPA, PA12, PC/ABS, PLA, PLA HT and ABS. The portfolio is rounded off by filaments from the materials PEI and PC from our partner Sabic. Visit our Online-Shop here: Visit our Online-Shop here:

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Product Pilot: Round rods made of a further thermally optimised PEEK

Innovation stimulates the market. One of our contributions to innovation is to extrude the new SOLVAY PEEK-HT material, which may be used in particular in the chemical industry.

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Product Pilot: Round rods made of high temperature resistant polyamide

We developed the product GEHR PPA® in cooperation with BASF and have already extruded round rods with a diameter of 50 mm. We will present the product at the K 2019 trade fair.

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New to our product range: Round rods made of sliding-modified PEEK

In response to enquiries for a material with the properties of natural-coloured PEEK but with optimised sliding properties, we developed GLIDE-GEHR PEEK-20TF®. Although PTFE additives in plastics often lead to a fibrous surface, we were able to achieve an almost shiny surface during processing.

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New to our product range: Round rods made of thermally optimised PP homopolymer

In the context of new technical developments we have extruded a white coloured PP-HT material, which is particularly suitable for applications in the chemical industry and for thermally demanding applications.

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NEW: GEHR meets medical standard ISO 13485

Production sites in Mannheim and Philadelphia successfully certified

After decades of experience as a supplier for the medical industry, it was a logical step to reach out to new customer groups with the certification according to the Medical Devices Quality Management System Standard ISO 13485.

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Sliding-modified material with excellent emergency running properties

In the group of sliding-modified materials we have included GLIDE-GEHR POM-10PE-TF®, a new material in which the tribological behaviour (friction)

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Blue dyed semi-finished products – perfectly suited for food processing

We have expanded our range of semi-finished products made of GEHR POM-C® and now also offer blue dyed round rods and sheets.

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Expanded product portfolio in filaments for professional 3D printing

We have continued to expand our range of plastic filaments for professional 3D printing with the addition of FIL-A-GEHR PC/ABS®.

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Glass fibre reinforced material

New to our product range is the technical plastic material POM-C with 25% glass fibre reinforcement. The fibres of the semi-finished product GEHR POM-C 25GF® are chemically coupled; therefore the fibres are indeed reinforcement and not filler material.

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