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Making tangible models quickly and easily using FIL-A-GEHR PLA®

Models are used to visualise project ideas in three dimensions. Thanks to 3D printing methods, 3D models, which have already been developed at the PC, can easily and quickly be transformed into physical models. This helps to make architecture more tangible, to reveal unforeseen difficulties at an early stage or to reinforce the effect of a presentation.

According to situational needs, individual buildings or complete building complexes can be shown in a layered model. The model can easily be modified and even complex geometries can be realised with 3D printing. Support structures allow the implementation of overhang or undercut structures. Subsequently, these structures will simply be removed. Because FIL-A-GEHR PLA® is easy to print and is not susceptible to distortion, it is extremely well suited for this application.

You will find FIL-A-GEHR PLA®   with diameters of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm in our standard programme. The standard colours are white, black, blue, yellow and red, as well as green translucent. Upon customer request, the material can be produced in any RAL colour or according to a colour sample.




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