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GEHR PEEK® Coil Body

 The right material for electronic and electrical engineering applications

Electronic or electrical engineering applications most frequently require coil bodies 

which not only have an extremely high dimensional stability but which also show a low tendency to creep as well as excellent electrical insulation properties.

All of these characteristics must be maintained even at increased operation temperatures. It is also important for companies that chip removal machining processes run smoothly and in a way that can be reproduced so as to be able to manufacture and guarantee components of the highest possible quality. Besides the homogenous structure and the low level of residual stress, the GEHR PEEK® material meets all requirements for this special application. In addition to the requirements mentioned, registration in accordance with UL94, V-O classification and a glow wire ignition temperature of 850 °C in compliance with IEC 60695 were considered for the end application.

As part of the standard delivery programme, GEHR manufactures round rods with diameters between 5 mm and 200 mm, sheets in thicknesses between 5 mm and 120 mm as well as hollow bars in various sizes. For customised dimensions which are not included in the standard delivery programme, please contact our staff members in the customised solutions sales department.




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