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New Products

GEHR PEEK® Coil Body

 The right material for electronic and electrical engineering applications

Electronic or electrical engineering applications most frequently require coil bodies 

GEHR PEEK® optimized


Thanks to further process optimisations, we further enhanced our PEEK semi-finished products.


Material to meet highest demands

Our semi-finished products, such as round rods, sheets and hollow bars, made of GEHR PEEK® stand out for their low-stress property, their straightness and homogeneity. Over the last few months, we succeeded in significantly reducing the core filament of the semi-finished products. This will be of particular benefit to operators producing optical components in terms of design.

New dimensions on stock


We have expanded our extruded plastic semi-finished products portfolio with the addition of UHMWPE in sizes ¾” - 8” (Color-Natural) GEHR UHMWPE has a high abrasion resistance (very good glide characteristics) and a high toughness at the same time. The chemical and crack resistance are optimum in comparison to the standard PE-HD. The operating temperature of UHMWPE ranges from -238 F to +194 F. The product is stocked in 10’ lengths from ¾” – 4” and 5’ lengths from 4 ¼” – 8”.

Round Rods and Sheets now available

We have expanded our stocking program and now have the following dimensions available in stock:

Round rods: diameter: 6 – 150 mm / 0,2 – 6” (color: natural and black) Sheets: thickness: 10 – 50 mm / 0,4 – 2,0” (color: natural) The material is produced in metric sizes.

Plastic filaments for professional 3D printing

We have expanded our extruded plastic semi-finished products portfolio. As of now we offer plastic filaments for professional 3D printing under the brand name FIL-A-GEHR.  The filaments are produced in Mannheim from high-quality raw materials and with close tolerances. As of now we have available in stock the following materials: FIL-A-GEHR ABS FIL-A-GEHR PLA FIL-A-GEHR PC/ABS FIL-A-GEHR PPA FIL-A-GEHR PA12 FIL-A-GEHR PEEK They are available in diameters of 1.75 mm / 0,05” and 2.85 mm / 0,11” – both in 1 kg / ~2,2 lbs coils or 2.3 kg / ~5,1 lbs coils – and in many different colors.

GEHR sets new standards in acetal extrusion again! We would like to formally announce the addition of 24“ diameter, natural 
Acetal rods to our stocking program. Standard length will be 39“ (1 meter) 
But if needed we can cut to custom length where required.


As of now we can deliver from stock GEHR CPVC Round Rods with a diameter of 7" and 8" INCH and a length of 2,000 mm. Thus, this semi-finished product can be used for applications which had not been possible before. GEHR CPVC is heat-resistant up to 85 °C and has an exceptional chemical resistance.

We have done it !

With immediate effect you can get from us: 
GEHR Acetal sheets in thickness of 120 mm
We are extruding the sheets in a width of 620 mm and in a length of 1000 mm; the sheets are immediately available.

Clearly the new king of anti-corrosion materials

Now available in rod stock of 40mm, 80mm and 100mm.

Sheet available from thicknesses of 10mm to 100mm.

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