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About us

Plastics produced by GEHR
GEHR Plastics, family owned since it's founding in 1932, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of semi-finished thermoplastics stock shapes including rods, sheets and precision tubes. The headquarters of this medium-sized company is located in Mannheim, Germany. The USA location of GEHR Plastics is in Boothwyn, PA (or near Philadelphia). GEHR Plastics also maintains a sales office in Hong Kong, France, Italy and China.


GEHR remains committed to these important principles

Long-term independence
The independence of this third and fourth-generation, family-owned company, as well as its focus on solid, long term planning and development remains of essential importance to us.
We view ourselves as a loyal partner with our distributors, and we live the values of reliability and fairness with regards to suppliers and employees. Correspondingly, our friendly and competent service is acknowledged in our industry, assisted by the longstanding personal relationships that exist between our customers and their longterm contacts here at GEHR. A wide range of seminars, workshops and symposiums enhances our service as well.
Quality leadership
We are "ISO 9001" certified, and we claim to offer excellent in product quality, which usually exceeds the expectations and requirements of our customers. Step-by-step, our semi-finished products will receive further certifications, e.g. the German Portable Water Approval for our PVC-U rods.
Environmental aspects
We feel responsible for the environment and the future generations. Therefore we treat our environment and the resources very carefully. This is why we have been certified according to "ISO 14001". This standard serves to secure a sustainable environmental compatibility of the operational processes and products as well as the behavior of our employees. We care about our resources.
A versatile product range
In order to rank among the most important producers of semi-finished materials in as many fields as possible, we are manufacturing a wide range of extruded rods, sheets, profiles and tubes. We are specialized in rods in larger diameters. We are also offering custom extrusion products upon request.
Sustainability is very important to us! In co-operation with universities and the Fraunhofer Institute we are developing novel materials and process technology such as our ECOGEHR products. Our research and development is reaping enormous benefits from our knowledge as a supplier of high-quality semifinished products for the medical industry, writing instruments - and cosmetics industry as well as in the field of renewable energy.




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